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British Sarcoma Group

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The British Sarcoma Group (BSG) is the association of the specialist clinicians, nurses and supporting professionals who treat patients with sarcoma in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.



The aims of the BSG are:


-  provision of education, training and identification of best practice for all professionals treating people with sarcoma


-  promotion of excellence in care and treatment of people with sarcoma through identification and sharing of best practice


-  promoting and supporting research and the development of more effective treatment and care


-  advancing awareness of sarcoma in the medical professional and the general public



The BSG reaches out to colleagues in Ireland, Europe, the USA and Australia through its  relationships with individuals and institutions, through collaborative research projects, and international conferences.



The BSG does not have a formal membership. All clinicians treating sarcoma in the UK are welcomed as members of the British Sarcoma Group. All members of specialist Sarcoma Multi-disciplinary Teams (MDTs) in the NHS are regarded automatically as members. Those who have previously worked in an MDT and wish to stay in touch with sarcoma, or who undertake treatment of local patients in associaton with an MDT, or are in training and considering a career treating people with sarcoma, are also welcome.



The BSG is managed by a Board of Trustees with support from advisory groups relating to specific projects:


Dr Beatrice Seddon (Clinical Oncologist, University College London Hospitals)

Ms Anita Pabla (CNS, Leicester Royal Infirmary)

Professor Ian Judson (Medical Oncologist, Royal Marsden Hospital)

Mr Andrew Hayes (Surgical Oncologist, Royal Marsden Hospital)

Mr Craig Gerrand (Orthopaedic Surgeon, Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust)

Dr Julia Fairbairn (Musculoskeletal Radiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust)

Dr Adam Dangoor (Medical Oncologist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust)

Ms Lindsey Bennister (Chief Executive, Sarcoma UK)



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Publication of latest BSG Guidelines:

BSG 2017 Programme Draft 11 (09.12.16)